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New to the world of pour over coffee? We have everything you need - from kit to filters, brew guides & more. Here's the essentials you need to get started:

A brewer: choose from Varia, V60 or Chemex.
A kettle: you can use your standard home kettle, but for pouring precision we recommend a pour-over kettle.
A grinder: to get those coffee beans freshly ground. Alternatively, order your beans ground for your brewer type from us.
Scales:precision scales are ideal so you can weight to the exact gram.
Filter papers:either paper filters for your brewer, or a reusable filter.

Pour Over Kit

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Never run out of beans again...

Our pour over recipe

1. Weigh beans 16g per person or per cup

2. Turn the kettle on

3. Place brewer on vessel

4. Wet filter and discard water

5. Grind coffee to medium/coarse grind

6. Add to coffee to filter

7. Bloom - this is the process of pouring a small amount of water over the grinds and letting the CO2 dissipate. Allow 45 seconds for this. 

8. Then, slowly pour the rest of the water over. This will be around 200mls of water. 

9. Set a timer for 4 minutes, then remove the brewer and enjoy.