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THREE awesome coffees from THREE incredible single origins. 

Dear Green Coffee Roasters source and roast freshly the best coffee beans available as a commitment to the quality and sustainability focussed speciality coffee industry. Allow our roaster to choose a different coffee every month in accordance with coffee seasonality and what is currently making us excited at Dear Green HQ!

Taste your way around the coffee producing world, from the zippy acidity and vanillin smoothness of South and Central American coffees to the delicate floral, lively and unique flavours of African coffees. There are many origins and flavours to get through; we’ll choose our highlight of the month to send to you! Packed straight from the roaster to a de-gassing bag and directly to your doorstep!

Our subscription offer:

1 x 250g bag of just roasted coffee with accompanying tasting notes and information on the producing country, the coffee farm topography, bean varietal and processing methods. Dispatched monthly for 3 months.

Colombia, Ethiopia, Brazil, Sumatra, Guatemala, Peru, Tanzania, Papua New Guinea, El Salvador, Kenya, India, Rwanda, Bolivia, Sulawesi, Burundi, Honduras, Kenya, Mexico...

And repeat...!

Freshly roasted and dispatched monthly to 1 UK address. We dispatch subscriptions on the Wednesday closest to your date of order.

Price: £31.00
THREE TIME SUBSCRIPTION. coffee. dear green

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