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DR Congo - Sparkling Water Decaffeinated (CO2) - Rebuild Women's Hope

Cocoa, Molasses, Kola

Established in 2013, Rebuild Women's Hope (RWH) is a non-profit organisation based in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Sparkling Water Decaf uses natural carbon dioxide combined with water to create a highly solvent substance for caffeine in coffee. The process is gentle, natural and organically certified, and guarantees as high retention level of other coffee components which contribute to taste and aroma.  

Free UK shipping for bags of whole bean coffee! Please see our FAQs for more information. 

Place your order before midday Monday to Friday and it will be sent the same day. 

We source speciality grade coffee which is full traceable and ethically sourced. Read more about our 

All our coffee beans are roasted fresh and are best consumed within 6 weeks of roast date. 

Always reseal in our airtight bag and store at ambient temperature.

  • altitude: 1800-2000 masl
  • country: Democratic Republic of Congo
  • harvest: March-July
  • location: Idjwi Island, Lake Rivu, Eastern Congo
  • owner: 1800 Rebuild Women's Hope members
  • process: Washed
  • profile: Cocoa, Molasses, Kola
  • quantity: 250g
  • varietal: Bourbon
Price: £9.50

DR Congo - Sparkling Water Decaffeinated (CO2) - Rebuild Women's Hope

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