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GCF Exclusive - Diego Samuel Bermudez - Pink Bourbon

Diego Samuel Bermudez - Villa Esperanza - Pink Bourbon - Anearobic Fermentation - Thermal Shock

Diego Samuel who was born in Bolivar, Cauca has dedicated the last 13 years of his life to growing coffee and to also gaining a deep understanding and knowledge on the processing and production of high-end specialty coffee that is almost unparalleled in the unique flavour and profiles produced.

As part of a tight knit family Diego works on their farm in Cauca with his wife, two daughters and two brothers. Together they are involved on the pursuit of continual learning and striving to achieve the next level with their processing. They built their own lab on the farm to firstly understand about cupping and roasting so they could then start to curate their own fermentation protocols for them to begin experimenting with. These experiments and novel approach to coffee have allowed to him to soar and exceed winning several awards from 2015 onwards.

As well as being an accomplished cupped Diego has also achieved the CQI level 2 processing course qualification which allowed him to get a base for seeing how cup profiles could be guided depending on microorganisms, ph and temperature. With his partner Wilton Renso Benitez he is part of Indestec who are at the vanguard of coffee processing.


The Villa Esperanza - Paraiso farm in El Tambo, Cauca covers 27 ha of land and is planted with Castillo, Colombia, Caturra, Pink Bourbon and Geisha. The farm focuses on technology and the critical processes that and intricate in producing coffee of this mark. From the selection to the meticulous drying which is done in a way to mitigate the changeable climatic conditions allowing them to replicate coffees of such high standards.

B-40 Pink Bourbon 


1. 95% of the cherries picked are ripe, and the other 5% are on-ripe.

2.  Floating process of the cherries with water that has a high content of ozone in order to lower the microbe quantity.

3. 48 hour oxidation of the cherry.

4. Depulping

5. Anaerobic fermentation phase during 48 hours at 19 degrees celsius, where yeast is added (Saccharomyces 1g/kg of coffee). This yeast comes from pineapple isolated extracts.

6. Thermal shock while washing the coffee, where secondary aromas developed in the different phases of fermentation of the microbean crop are fixed in the coffee.

7. Controlled drying for 34 hours. A system is constantly recirculating air at 35 degrees celsius and a humidity of 25%. This is done until the humidity of the coffee bean is between 10-11%. 

NOTE: The drying goes through 3 phases, where the first 16 hours are as stated above, then there is a pause of 8 hours of the recirculating air in order to fix the aromas of the fermentation process even more (coffee bean humidity is around 18-20% when the pause begins), and then the rest of the drying is done for the final 10 hours in order to complete the 34 hour process.

8. Parchment is packed in GrainPro bags for 3 days in order to be stabilised.


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  • area:El Tambo, Cauca
  • country:Colombia
  • farm:El Paraiso, Villa Esperanza
  • harvest:2021
  • location:El Tambo, Cauca
  • origin:Colombia
  • process:B 40
  • quantity:85g
  • variety:Pink Bourbon