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Guatemala El Gigante - Washed

milk chocolate - cashew - orange

Inside the Municipality of Chiquimula, Finca El Gigante is located in a hill surrounded by forests and valleys in the Aldea “El Durazno.” The region is known for its hot climate, with rainfall in the season falling from May to October, creating a beneficial impact to the coffee growth.

With the objective of producing specialty coffee in Finca El Gigante, there have been many process and logistic changes in the past 12 years. Until a year ago, they sold coffee cherries to a local buyer, which they changed to sell parchment to exporters. Currently, they dry on patios but intend to improve all of their processes in order to optimize their coffee quality.

  • altitude: 1560 - 1700 masl
  • country: Guatemala
  • harvest: january - march
  • process: fully washed
  • profile: milk chocolate - cashew - orange
  • quantity: 250g
  • varietal: caturra - catai - catimor
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Guatemala El Gigante - Washed

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