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Kenya Chepkube AA CO2 Decaffeinated

bright, berries, cocoa

This coffee is produced by numerous small holder farmers, all of whom are members of the Chepkube Coffee Growers Cooperative Society (F.C.S) located in Bungoma County. The members have been farming coffee since the 60s although growing coffee in Western Kenya is still relatively new.

Coffee cultivation in the area has improved the livelihood of the members significantly, and has had a positive impact on the infrastructure, education, water, and access to there vital resources.

This bean has been decaffeinated using the “CR3” CO2 process which you can read about on our blog here.

  • altitude: Approx.1,500 metres to1,950 metres above sea level
  • area: Bungoma County
  • origin: Kenya
  • owner: Various smallholder members of the Chepkube Co-operative Society
  • process: Wet processed & sun dried on raised beds
  • profile: bright, berries, cocoa
  • region: Western Kenya
  • varietal: SL28 - SL34 - Ruiru 11 - Batian
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Kenya Chepkube AA CO2 Decaffeinated

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