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Rwanda - 1000 Hills- Washed

Stone fruit, brown sugar

Dear Green's final selection after tasting a lot of Rwandan coffees!  This season we bring you the impressively consistent and beautifully named '1000 Hills' inspired by the hills dominating the local area.

From the Ngoma Central washing station located near the town of Kavumu in the Cyanika sector of the Nyamagabe district, Southern province. The washing station was built in 2005 by the Rwandese company MIG Coffee with the help from USAID in an ambitious program to renew Rwanda’s coffee industry. Nowadays Ngoma is co-owned by Coffee business Center (CBC) and a private initiative supported by the government of Rwanda.

Local coffee farmers deliver cherries to the Ngoma wet mill, they typically grow coffee on very small plots of lands with 200 trees on average. The wet mill has a processing capacity of 350MT of cherries, which in 2014 corresponded to a production of 38400 bags of raw coffee. Sustainable farming practices at the washing station mean that the coffee pulp is reconverted to organic fertilizer and redistributed to the farmers.

Coffee cherries are only bought by the washing station from farmers if they meet the quality requirements.  They then undergo further sorting for ripeness and 'floaters', density and grading standards. Fermentation is controlled depending on weather conditions.  Washing of coffees happen several times before drying and then further sorting for defects. Coffee parchment is dried to a moisture content of 11% in ten to fourteen days and then rests in the warehouse for thirty days before passing through the dry mill for hulling and grading where it is again manually sorted for any remaining defects.

A lot of dedication goes into producing a stable and perfectly clean coffee like this Ngoma lot.

A sugary sweet profile of red candy. The mild acidity lends the coffee a gentle brightness, which nicely brings out the red fruit notes. Body, sweetness and acidity all collaborate nicely to bring you a structured and reliable coffee.

  • altitude: 1600-1900 masl
  • farm: 1000 Hills
  • location: Ngome and Muyongwe
  • origin: Rwanda
  • owner: Cooperative Members
  • process: Washed
  • profile: Stone fruit, brown sugar
  • quantity: 250g
  • varietal: Bourbon
Price: £8.50
Rwanda - 1000 Hills- Washed

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