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10 Reasons You Should Brew Your Own Coffee in the Morning

  • 3 min read
The most common objection we get to brewing your own specialty coffee at home is that it's just too much work.

Yes, great coffee at home certainly requires a bit more effort than instant or dropping in past a coffee shop for a takeaway before work, but it can be so worth it! Maybe really great coffee shops aren't particularly accessible for you, but you still want a taste upgrade from freeze-dried or mediocre coffee.

Here's why you might want to give it a try or start doing it more often...

1. Morning routines and rituals are good for you

Morning routines are thought to 'reduce mental friction', and comforting repetitive tasks can ease your brain into the day and get rid of any morning grumpiness.
Thisis a great video on exactly how this works. Making coffee by hand can be a meditative process, unlike queuing for a take-away in a hectic cafe.

2. The Ikea Effect

It's been proven that people tend to value things more if they made them personally. There haven't been any studies we know of that a coffee you made yourself tastes better, but it can't hurt, right?

3. You can be as fussy as you like

Only you know exactly how you like your coffee. Doing it yourself means you don't have to try and explain those little tweaks which make your cuppa perfectly you.

4. Practice makes perfect

Even without actively trying, you can't help but get better at brewing if you do it even a few days a week! (Psst! If you want to get reallygreat at brewing up spectacular filter coffee, we also offer classes at our roastery.)

5. It's sociable

When most people think 'family time' they think of a homemade dinner and sitting around the table together. But whether your household includes kids, siblings, partners or flatmates, making coffee for everyone can be a great way to be a little generous and start your day off with a feel-good deed.

6. Mugs and Re-usables are better for the environment

We know you already know this one! A takeaway coffee every day is 365 paper cups in the bin every year. Besides, who can resist the call of picking the perfect colours for their re-usable cup?

7. Hand-grinding coffee can be therapeutic (and a tiny workout)

There's nothing to shake away the sleep-cobwebs like ratcheting your arm in a circle for a few minutes. Some people find kneading bread therapeutic - the physical work of grinding can work in the same way! Think of yourself as grinding away any obstacles in your path today and get pumped!

8. Experimentation

You get to be your own personal mad scientist and experiment with different beans and brewing methods. Keep it interesting with new flavours, and find brews you love to make over and over again.

9. It's cheaper

Using average pricing here, but you'll get around 16 cups of filter coffee out of a 250g bag (dosing 16g of dry coffee per cup). Bag prices vary, but £8 is a good median (at least for ours) - so each cup costs 50p. An ordinary latte from a large coffee chain is £2.25. 16 of those is £36! Buying coffee out from a chain is four and a half times more expensive than making it at home (and that's not even accounting for the fact that a good quality specialty takeaway coffee is usually a bit pricier).

10. You can do it in your jammies

Let's face it, getting dressed and leaving the house is just harder when you haven't had a caffeine fix yet! if you're not exactly a morning person, getting the coffee brewing from the comfort of your dressing gown can make the early hours that bit more bearable.

We love brewing coffee at home (but then, we're biased).

Let us know what YOU think of home brewing vs the morning coffee shop run on Twitter.

And if you want to get yourself set up, take a look at some of our brewing bundles.