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New Crop Arrival: Colombia El Desvelado

  • 1 min read

New arrivals at the roastery means lots of experimenting, tasting and cupping. This lot comes from the Nariño department which is located in the far south-west of Colombia, bordering Ecuador. The region is infamous for being one of the most challenging, but also interesting places to work and grow. There is extremely high elevation, up to 2200 metres, and very steep hillsides. The coffee cherries are mainly harvested by small hold producers in remote areas, delivering the beans to washing stations in small, frequent batches. 

The particular lot that has just arrived at Dear Green HQ comes from a Growers Association that are currently attracting a number of great farmers as they have established a cupping lab through buyers like ourselves paying the premium back to the growers. This microlot is a combination from these farmers, selected and combined by ourselves based on cup profile and scoring.

We have been predominantly serving this over Aeropress to bring out the bright body and delicate melon notes. That said however, we have also been enjoying playing around with extractions on our Mahlkönig EK43 x La Marzocco Linea PB at the cafe project and our Mazzer Kold x La Marzocco GS3 at bakery47 last weekend! Shots were producing everything you want from a Colombian single origin, with added bursts of lemon, apple and caramel, creating a crisp, clean espresso. Delicious!