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  • 2 min read

Founded in 2013, Fellow have quickly become the gold standard when it comes to home brewing equipment. Known for their minimalist and high quality approach, Fellow have succeeded in making cafe quality equipment accessible to the everyday home brewer. Let’s take a look at some of their equipment, and explore how it can help take your morning cuppa to the next level.

Ode Grinder Gen 2

The secret to great tasting coffee is grinding fresh. This will prolong the life of your coffee and ensure that your coffee always tastes its best. The Ode Gen 2 is the second generation of the award-winning home grinder, making small improvements on an already incredible design. These improvements include the ability to grind even finer, with incredible precision, and a grind range that’s perfect for every brew method except espresso. The beautiful design remains largely unchanged. It’s hard to improve perfection. The small footprint & quiet grinding with automatic stop, make this grinder the perfect addition to your kitchen.

Fellow Ode Brew Grinder Gen 2 - Shop Here

Fellow Ode Brew Grinder Gen 1 - Shop Here

Stagg Pour-Over Kettle

Combining beautiful functionality with unrivalled precision, the Fellow Stag allows for full control when preparing your favourite pour-over brew method. The built in thermometer allows for easy tracking of your water temperature, meaning you always have the perfect temperature for brewing. The Stagg’s counterbalanced handle moves the centre of mass back towards your hand, allowing for complete control of the water flow. The perfect upgrade to any home brew bar. 

Fellow Stagg Pour-over Kettle - Shop Here

Atmos Coffee Canister


As technology advances, so to do the options for storing your coffee. The Fellow Atmos Canister keeps your coffee fresher for longer, and can increase the lifespan of your coffee by up to 50%. Featuring an internal vacuum pump and silicon seal that works to banish oxygen from your coffee, the Atmos canister will not only have you coffee tasking incredible for longer, but will also reduce your coffee waste. 

Fellow Atmos Coffee Canister - Shop Here


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