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NitroPress Chargers

These pure nitrogen NitroPress Coffee Cocktail Chargers™ are designed for use with The Original NitroPress™. They are pure food grade nitrogen (E941) used specifically for serving coffee, cocktails, tea, and many more. Create theatre using nitrogen infusion to serve up extra special drink offerings.

Benefits and Features:

- Quick and Easy
- Batch make cocktails for speed and efficiency
- Fully recyclable once used - can be placed in the recycling bin with your drink cans and bottles.
- Use one charger for each 500ml volume of liquid.
- Serve two coffees or up to four cocktails in one hit.
- Use with The Original NitroPress™ for best results.
- Use to flavour infuse with all natural ingredients (cinnamon sticks, mint leaves, cacao nibs etc)
- The NitroPress™ is sold separately.

Price: £6.65

NitroPress Chargers

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