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Creative Ways to Recycle Your Coffee Grounds

  • 2 min read

Here at Dear Green HQ, we love to re-use and recycle at every opportunity. We’re committed to a circular economy approach, which means we treat waste as a resource, breaking the linear cycle of one-time use. Once your coffee leaves our roastery, there are several ways that you too can treat your own waste as a resource. A great place to start is by recycling your coffee grounds.

Let’s have a look at some creative ways to give those coffee grounds a second life.

Reusing coffee grounds in your garden

  • Plants love coffee grounds, which means they make a great natural fertiliser.
  • Add your grounds to the compost bin to encourage earthworm activity. 
  • Use your grounds as a natural bug repellant. Perfect for protecting your vegetable garden.

Using your coffee grounds in the kitchen

  • Add a bowl of coffee grounds to your fridge or kitchen counter to absorb odours from cooking or food storage. 
  • Use coffee grounds in your washing-up liquid to remove tough stains or grease. 

Coffee grounds in your beauty routine

  • Used coffee grounds make the perfect exfoliator.
  • Add unrefined coconut oil & unrefined almond milk to the grounds to create an incredible exfoliating face mask.

More ways to recycle your coffee grounds 

  • Replace the oils in your homemade candle with coffee grounds to create the perfect coffee scented candle. 
  • Mix used coffee grounds with water and use them to paint.

Coffee grounds from Dear Green HQ are collected by Revive Eco who use them for a range of products, like soil conditioner. They're also used in our new Dear Green seedboms. The seedboms are filled with coffee compost and a bee-friendly wildflower mix inspired by our Goosedubbs coffee blend – all you need to do is throw it and watch it grow!

We'd love to hear how you're reusing our coffee grounds so let us know by tweeting us or sending us a message on instagram!