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A Taste of Mexico: Bankilal

  • 1 min read

It's no secret that Mexico produces some of the finest specialty coffee in the world, and that statement definitely rings true for this sensational coffee from Bankilal.

This coffee was grown in the Tenejapa municipality of Los Altos de Chiapas, an area predominantly inhabited by the Tzeltal indigenous communities. The area is known for producing extremely high quality specialty coffee, thanks in part to the elevated altitudes the coffee is grown at. Many traditional varieties are still cultivated in this region, including Typica & Bourbon, which offer complex attributes in the cup.
Coffee first arrived in this region more than a century ago when the indigenous people of Los Altos, who worked during harvest seasons in Soconusco, adapted the seeds to their own gardens. Trees were planted in small areas of family gardens, before being transported to larger plots. The Bankilal name that this coffee carries is inspired by an esteemed figure in Tzeltal culture. Bankilal symbolises the responsibility of the older sibling, who selflessly cares for the younger ones, prioritising the community's well-being above their own interests.
Grown at 1300-1500masl, this washed process coffee is made up of three varieties, Caturra, Bourbon and Costa Rica 95. Combined, these three varieties bring complexity to the cup, with notes of red apple, mixed spice and panela.

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