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Alejandra Muñoz- Washed Double Anaerobic

  • 2 min read

We’re proud to introduce the latest coffee in our women produced line-up. rown by Alejandra Muñoz, a 26 year old coffee producer from Brussels-Pitalito, this coffee was grown in the mountains of the South East region of Huila in Colombia.

The Producer

Originally trained as a carpenter, Alejandra Muñoz is now proudly on a path of discovering the world of coffee after meeting husband, well-known coffee producer Jhonatan Gasca. Alejandra now supports her husband on the Zarza farm.

The Farm

The Zarza farm, where this coffee was grown, is 6 hectares of land located 1,540 metres above sea level in the municipality of Pitalito. The farm grows many different varieties of coffee, with the family most recently entering and exploring the world of specialty coffee. 

The families love, passion & shared respect for their craft has cemented the Zarza Farm’s reputation as producers of high quality coffees and although they acknowledge that they still have much to learn, they are proud of the value of their coffee.


The Process

Over the past few years, Colombia has cemented itself as the experimental processing capital of coffee, lighting up the stage at coffee competitions across the globe. This innovative approach to processing has pushed the boundaries of what’s achievable when it comes to the flavour profiles of coffee. This is not the first time that we’ve welcomed an experimentally processed Colombia to our line-up, but we understand that it can sometimes be confusing, especially when they might be processes you’ve never heard of before. So first, let’s take a look at what a double washed anaerobic is, and what it translates to in the cup. 

There are eight steps involved in producing a double washed anaerobic coffee.

Step 1 - 100% Ripe cherries are selected and collected.

Step 2 - The coffee undergoes a 24-hour Oxidation.

Step 3 - Anaerobic Fermentation of cherry with peel in a plastic bag for 24 hours to reduce temperature.

Step 4 - De-pulping process. 

Step 5 - Second Anaerobic Fermentation in plastic bags for 32 hours. 

Step 6 - Thermal Shock process to remove mucilage.

Step 7Wash the cherry in spring water to remove missing impurities. 

Step 8 - Coffee undergoes a maximum of 8 days of drying in mechanical dryers, being removed 4 times per day for homogeneity. 

In the cup, this translates to an extremely sweet & fruity cup, with a big hit of Apricot, delicate florals and gooseberry. 

Give this incredible coffee a try!

Harvest: 2023
Process: Washed Double Anaerobic 
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Region: Pitalito Huila
Origin: Colombia
Importing Partner: CATA Export

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