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Brazil Daterra Low Caf Reserve

  • 3 min read

It’s finally here! A brand new addition to our low caffeine selection. We’ve been keeping this one all to our self over the past few weeks as our very own Kris has been using this very coffee for his UK Barista Championship routine. But we’re happy to announce that this incredible coffee is available now! Read on to find out a little more on this exciting new coffee.

Innovation at Daterra Farm

Situated in the Cerrado region of Minas Gerais, Brazil, Daterra Farm is the worlds first B Corp coffee farm. The region has faced several challenges over the past few years, for the most part caused by climate change. With this is mind, Daterra have begun putting in place everlasting innovations to cope with these challenges. 3250 hectares of their land is currently dedicated to environmental conservation, to preserve the integrity of the land that they farm on. They have also created the ‘Penta’ box, a compostable solution to excess packaging in the coffee supply chain. They’ve created renewable energy sources through the creation of their own solar farm, with the goal to build two further solar farms, donating the energy from these to the local authorities in Patrocínio. Due to increasing temperatures and decreasing rainfall, Daterra Farm was faced with an irrigation problem. Their solution was to use water conservation to create their own reservoir that now irrigates 70% of their farm. 

Understanding the Varietals

As part of Daterra Farms Low Caf Reserve, this coffee is made up of two varietals, Laurina and Aramosa. Both cultivars have been under study at Daterra for the past 20 years and are now fully adapted to their terroir. Laurina is a wild coffee varietal, that was first discovered on Reunion Island. Its low caffeine properties make it highly sought after, and its rarity comes from the specific environmental conditions it requires to grow. Aramosa is a hybrid varietal comprised of Coffea Arabica and Coffea Racemosa. It was developed specifically to take the low caffeine and drought resistance characteristics of the Coffea Racemosa, and combine them with the flavour from the Arabica. 

Processing is Key

For processing, this coffee utilises the Tree Dried process, or as it’s more commonly known in the region, the Cerrado process. This involves extending the maturation process by allowing the cherry to dry on the tree. Once picked the coffee then undergoes the traditional pulled natural process. Processing this way adds layers of complexity with increased body & sweetness. The result is a coffee that scored a massive 89 specialty points. 

How Does it Taste?

One of the key characteristics of low caffeine coffee is low bitterness. This, combined with the processing, creates an incredible sweet cup. Laurina is generally quite a floral varietal, and this is still evident in the cup, although slightly more balanced due to the extra maturation time from the Cerrado process. We have found this coffee to work extremely well as both espresso and filter. 

As a filter coffee, you’ll taste light florals with intense sweetness, well balanced acidity and a lasting finish. As an espresso, you’ll find a much more full bodied cup, with a syrupy texture and a lasting finish. For the flavour profile, you can expect sweet raspberry, almond and molasses. 

Give this coffee a try!


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