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Brazil - Daterra - Tree-dried Pulped Natural - Low Caf Reserve

Raspberry, Almond, Molasses

Grown on Daterra Farm, in the Cerrado Region, Minas Gerais, Brazil, it's fair to say that Daterra is more than just a coffee farm. They are carbon-negative and are the worlds first B Corp coffee farm. With climate change affecting the region, and in turn changing the way that producers grow and manage their land, Daterra are coming up with innovative solutions to secure the future of farming in the region. 

From dedicating 3250 hectares of their land to environmental conservation to creating sustainable packaging solutions through the creation of their 'Penta' box and also creating renewable energy resources through solar farming. Not only this, but as a direct impact of climate change, with rising temperatures and reduced rainfall, Daterra faced an irrigation problem, their solution was to use water conservation to create their own reservoir which now irrigates 70% of their farming land. 

This coffee is made up of 2 varietals, Laurina & Aramosa. Both of these cultivars have been under study at Daterra for the past 20 years and are now fully adapted to their terroir. Laurina is a wild coffee varietal first discovered on Reunion Island. It is sought after due to its low caffeine properties but is also quite rare due to the specific environmental conditions required to grow it. Aramosa is a hybrid varietal made up of Coffea Arabica and Coffea Racemosa. It was created to take the low caffeine and drought resistance from the Racemosa, and retain the delicious flavours provided by the Arabica. 

The process used is the tree-dried process, or as it's most commonly known in the region, the Cerrado Process. This involves extending the maturation process by allowing the cherry to dry on the tree. This process requires very specific environmental conditions, meaning it is not always possible to achieve. Once picked the coffee is then processed using the traditional pulped natural. Although Laurina is characteristically quite a flora varietal, this process adds layers of complexity with increased body and sweetness. The result is an incredible cup that scored a massive 89 specialty coffee points.  


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  • profile:Raspberry, Almond, Molasses
  • specialty score:89
  • harvest:2023
  • process:Tree-dried Pulped Natural
  • variety:Laurina, Aramosa
  • altitude:1000-1200m
  • area:Cerrado, Minas Gerais
  • country:Brazil
  • farm:Daterra Farm
  • sourcing partner:DR Wakefield

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