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Dear Green @ EH9

  • 1 min read

We’re fresh off a fantastic weekend of coffee tasting, as we joined our pals at EH9 in Dundee for a Saturday evening of cupping fun. Adam made the short trip to Tayside with a selection of our excellent seasonal line-up, bringing the best of Glasgow coffee to the good people of Dundee.

Dundee’s coffee industry has been thriving since the arrival of several fantastic coffee shops in the area. EH9 was founded in 2021, with a vision to create a quality focused specialty coffee shop that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Putting good people at their forefront of their vision, they’ve created a community in Dundee that are not only passionate about great coffee, but also know how to have a tonne of fun too.

The cupping was a complete sell out, and we had an absolute blast sharing and slurping our delicious seasonal favourites. A huge thank you to everyone who came along and spent the evening with us, and of course a massive thanks to EH9 for having us!

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