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Festive Blend Brew Guide

  • 2 min read

So, you’ve got a bag of our brand new Festive Blend, but how should you brew it? Well we’re here to give you the lowdown on our favourite recipes and brew methods for this delicious cup of festive joy.


For all you home espresso enthusiasts, we’ll keep it simple. When dialling in an espresso we always recommend a 1:2 ratio, double the weight of your dry dose as liquid espresso. Here’s an example of a recipe that’s been tasting great at our roastery.

18g Festive Blend - Extract 36g Espresso - 29 second extraction time

Give it a go, and remember, if it tastes sour tighten your grind and if it tastes bitter coarsen your grind. Unsure on how to dial-in? Check out our guide


There’s a plethora of different filter brewers on the market and each brewer will give you a slightly different experience in terms of test. For the sake of this guide not being three pages long, we’ll focus on one pour over method and one immersion method. 

Orea V3 Brewer

This recipe is a relatively standard Orea V3 recipe, but it gives great consistent results. 

  • Use 12g of Festive Blend to 200g of Water
  • Grind Size Medium Fine
  • 5 Pours
  • 3 Minute Brew Time

How to Brew

  1. Heat your water to 94 degrees.
  2. For the bloom, pour 40g of water a swirl, leaving for 30 seconds.
  3. Pour another 40 grams at the 30 second mark.
  4. Pour 40g at 30 second intervals until you reach 200g.
  5. Swirl and leave to draw down.
  6. Your total brew time should be around 3 minutes.

Check out our teams favourite Orea V3 recipes.


This recipe involves inverting the Aeropress for brewing. This is a longer recipe which will give you great body and sweetness. 

  • Use 17g of Festive Blend to 230ml of Water
  • Grind size medium
  • Inverted position 

How to Brew

  1. Invert the brewer.
  2. Add the coffee to the brewer.
  3. Use 50ml to bloom and then add the rest of the water. 
  4. Brew for 4 minutes.
  5. At 4 minutes, flip the brewer and press into your serving vessel.

There you have it, the perfect brews to keep you caffeinated over the festive period. Still not tried our Festive Blend? Treat yourself to a bag

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