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Satellite-Brokered Crypto Coffee - Yes, really!

  • 2 min read

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The hardest thing about making good coffee is finding good coffee. Then there’s testing, making sure everyone is getting a fair price, the logistics and so much more.


What if there was a better way? Where coffee growers, even in the most remote regions, could be discovered and receive a fair price for their incredible crop?


Well, spoiler alert, there is!



Who are Trade In Space?


Trade in Space Fuse satellite generated data into contracts for supply of agricultural goods. We’re very excited about their mission and are keen to support them and growers around the world!


So what have they done?


They’ve used machine learning to enable people like us to source new coffee suppliers via satellite imagery. Then, we can easily pay them and arrange the delivery of the beans to us right here in Glasgow.


We bought coffee via a satellite, yes, really!


Trade In Space have created a smart-contract for a coffee yield that they observe from a particular farm. This allows them to spot a coffee farm via satellite, make a payment to the farmer to buy their coffee directly through a crypto-payment system (so really low cost for intercontinental payment), and then automatically push a logistics contract out to a delivery driver to go get the coffee and bring it to Glasgow. This has got to be the most high-tech advancement in coffee since the UK learned how to steam milk!


We purchased the coffee via satellite and were able to donate the profits back to the grower to support her coffee sensory education. We love being able to support the coffee industry from the ground up, or perhaps the sky down? This way, the quality of everyone’s coffee improves and the industry becomes fairer and more sustainable for all.


If you want to taste what we do with our blockchain beans, you’ll want to sign up to our newsletterto find out more about our unique blends and any further space exploration! Spoiler alert, we’re not going to space any time soon.