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Brazil- Fazenda Pantano - Pulped Natural

Full, Rich, Berry Sweetness, Praline Nuttiness

A country as large as Brazil produces coffee of great variety with many regions usually carrying their own distinctive characteristics. However it is the area of Cerrado, in Minas Gerais which is home to some of the very best coffee, more specifically - the Fazenda Pantano Estate.

The yellow bourbon cherries are picked and pulped and air dried on African style raised beds to create a clean cup, with a bright body and highly complex flavour profile.

All of the coffee processing takes place on the estate, where the farm also supports a local school and funds various training schemes for its staff too. This coffee is Certified Rainforest Alliance. 

  • altitude: 1150m
  • farm: Fazenda Pantano
  • location: The Cerrado - Minas Gerais
  • origin: Brazil
  • process: Pulped Natural
  • profile: Full, Rich, Berry Sweetness, Praline Nuttiness
  • quantity: 250g
  • varietal: Yellow Bourbon
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