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Customised Metal Disc for Aeropress

This Ultra-Fine stainless steel filter disk designed for use with an Aerobie AEROPRESS® has a 35-micron filtration, which allows more oils and flavour notes to come through which producing a fuller bodied cup of coffee.

It is reusable and eliminates the use of paper filters.

It is especially convenient when travelling and is very easy to clean!

Ultra-Fine stainless steel filter disk Designed for AeroPress®
External diameter: 63 mm
Thickness: 0.30 mm - 0.90 mm
Filtration: Woven Wire Inox Membrane
Double protective inox ring

The Aeropress stainless steel filter works well with a wide range of grind size.
Its 35 micron filtration power also allows to use the same recipe as for paper filter.
We suggest you to experiment with any combination of brew ratio / grind size / water you like in order to achieve the best cup from your coffee.

Laser print Dear Green customisation.

Never run out of filters again!



Price: £14.50

Customised Metal Disc for Aeropress

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