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Espresso Masterclass - One to One

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In this espresso masterclass we focus on speciality coffee and all the skills the barista needs to showcase coffee. This is a one on one class, so you'll get training from our Barista Trainer to refine your skills. 

As the last pair of hands to come into contact with the coffee on its journey from soil to cup, the barista is responsible for ensuring that the hard work of the farmer, pickers, graders, cuppers and roaster does not go to waste!

Skilled baristas can influence various brewing parameters to perfect the extraction and produce the tastiest cup of coffee!

Brewing coffee can be something of a science as well as an art and we want you to be confident with the equipment and ability to extract the very best flavours from our coffee.

As such we take our Barista Training sessions pretty seriously, we take you from the basics of using your equipment to more advanced '4th wave' espresso extraction yield analysis... if you're willing to geek out with us a bit!

We will tailor the session to your needs depending on your experience. Each session will include:

//An introduction to coffee (farms, regions and green bean processing)

//An overview of espresso machines - the functions of each part of the machine.

//A discussion on espresso extraction where we will then calibrate our palates to understand over-extraction and under-extraction.

//Dialling in espresso - how we achieve the correct extraction for every shot ensuring sweetness, acidity and balance in every shot!

//Milk texturising - achieving the correct temperature and consistency every time

//Pouring techniques

//Espresso machine daily cleaning process

//Coffee Menus - the recipe and optimum cup sizes for each item on a coffee menu.

Please contact us directly to arrange a class time which suits your schedule! 

One-to-One classes are only available Mon-Fri between 9-5pm.

Terms: Vouchers issued with 6 month validity. Payment is in advance of the class. Cancellation is only permitted 7 days prior to the commencement of the class. Please note that no refund will be issued for non attendance.

We also offer this class as a monthly group class.

Please note One-to-One classes are only available Mon-Fri during 9-5pm

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