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10 years of La Marzocco UK

  • 4 min read

This year marks ten whole years of La Marzocco in the UK, and what an incredible ten years it has been. The epic La Marzocco brand has been with us every step of the way throughout our coffee journey. From the day we poured our very first Dear Green espresso at our first roastery until this very day (p.s that Linea Classic EE is still going strong!). So we’re taking a moment to look back at some of our favourite La Marzocco moments in celebration of their BIG birthday. Grab a ‘spro and keep on reading. 

When we were the new kids on the block

Back in 2012 we were fresh to the coffee scene and shaking up the palates of Glaswegians with our freshly roasted specialty coffee. We wanted to supply an espresso machine to our cafe customers that was of equally high quality as our beans! So we called Italy of course and Italy came good!! La Marzocco UK was launching. Perfect timing and a perfect partnership was born!

True Artisans

For us, the appeal of La Marzocco has always been about the great attention to detail, the quality parts, the beautiful design and the world renowned reputation for superbly crafted espresso machines with pioneering technology. We’ve been lucky enough to share this equipment far and wide and to learn from the brilliant La Marzocco family at local and international level. The team in return, welcome us to showcase our coffees on their equipment at the True Artisan Cafe at London Coffee Festival every year. A true artisan partnership.



That time we met Piero Bambi 

The visionary that was Piero Bambi was undoubtedly one of the most loved and accomplished figures in the coffee industry. Building exceptional coffee machines was in his blood, he's the son of one of the original founding fathers after all. His incredible skill was only matched by his passion for work and thorough understanding of the challenges and triumphs of the barista. We were therefore honoured to meet the legend himself back in 2014


Scotland‘s first PB

That’s right, it stands for Piero Bambi! Inspired by meeting Piero himself, we upgraded our roastery kit and purchased one of the first ever Linea PB’s to be manufactured.  Named after the great man himself and marking a new wave of innovation, showcasing all of the best features of the La Marzocco range yet retaining the Linea’s iconic design. Our PB has done the rounds from the Commonwealth Games to COP26, it is still used for our daily brews at the roastery to this day!

We’ve spread the La Marzocco love 

One of the best parts of life at Dear Green is training and chatting with brilliant cafe owners and baristas in Glasgow and beyond! And you can bet that La Marzocco’s fantastic machines have been at the top of our recommendations list year after year. We’ve loved sharing the La Marzocco love all throughout our journey and we’re always delighted when cafes and eateries opt to make an investment in a La Marzocco for its consistency and reliability, not to mention how impressive it looks sitting on their counter!. Home baristas? You haven’t been left out! You can also join in on the fun with the brand's compact and bijouLinea Mini



Our first espresso machine is still going strong! 

Start as you mean to go on and all that… can you believe that our faithful 20-year-old Linea 2 Group EE is still going strong after all this time (and all those espressos?!). If that isn’t a tell-tale sign of the quality we’re talking about, then we don’t know what is. Here’s to many more years of pouring delicious ‘spros from this epic machine! Fun fact, we were actually the first coffee company to own one of La Marzocco’s machines here in Glasgow, yinno, before it was cool… the only other one we knew of was in a greasy spoon! How times have changed!

Hitting the road with our GS3 

Over the years, we’ve attended hundreds of events near and far, slinging delicious espressos until our heart’s content. Our secret weapon? La Marzzoco’s GS3! The GS standing for 'Gruppo Saturo' or saturated group! We’ve fuelled many a crowd with this trusty piece of kit, with each shot tasting just as good as the last, even after all this time. If you’ve ever visited us at a market or festival - you can thank our trusty GS3 for your sweeeet espresso and silky milk! Oh and maybe one of the many talented baristas we’ve worked with, they’re pretty great too.


Street Style

When we launched our espresso bar, Project (it is an ongoing one!) we knew we wanted the speed and accuracy of the Strada AV ABR to nail each and every espresso recipe no matter how long our queue. The fact that it’s a looker obviously helps swoon those espresso lovers too!


Glasgow Coffee Fest Love 

One of the biggest supporters of Glasgow Coffee Festival? Yep, you guessed it - the legends at La Marzocco! Year after year, La Marzocco have loaned us (and our coffee pals) countless espresso machines to help keep those espressos flowing all weekend long, and we couldn’t be more grateful! In fact it was them who encouraged us to launch the Glasgow Coffee Festival in the first place. With LMUK on board for support and sponsorship they’ve ensured we’ve been able to host this great gathering year on year! And then there’s the after parties…



Keeping the party going

Well if you know the guys at LMUK, you know you’re never far from one! Here’s to many more! Parties! Years! Espressos! Product innovations! Congratulations La Marzocco! What a ride we’ve been on! Here’s to the next 10 years!

If you’re interested in investing in your very own slice of La Marzocco magic get in touch with us the roastery!  Feeling impulsive? You're one click away from buying a Linea Mini, available in our online store.