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Coffee and Tonic - Summer Sippin' Inspo

  • 2 min read

We all know Summer 2022 is going to be a biggie, and with iced coffee more popular than ever, we’ve been working on a real treat which we perfected for our return to the True Artisan Cafe at London Coffee Festival earlier this year!

Whilst the concept of coffee and tonic water is nothing new, we think it's due a tasty resurgence as we all look to spice up our go to summer cooler.

Known for its signature mild, bitter flavour, there’s a heap of science that goes into exactly why tonic water works so well with it’s classic partner in crime - gin. It complements the spirit by adding gentle fizzing freshness while not going so far as to overshadow the complex, subtle and delicious flavour notes found in each distinct variety.

These same characteristics unsurprisingly marry very well with coffee, allowing each brew’s distinct notes, such as sweet, floral, or fruity, to really sing. With this in mind, we’ve whipped up a tasty creation for you, featuring some delicious Dear Green beans, gin, tonic and a citrus twist! Introducing the Gin and Tumba! 


So how do you make one? Well, it’s simple really. Here's our recipe for summer caffeination success!

  • Ice - the bigger the better - the increased surface area will keep your drink cool while taking longer to melt which will dilute your beverage. If you want to get really geeky you can weigh your ice and include the measurement in your total mixer volume so that the dilution is considered in the total beverage volume. 
  • 50ml of our Rwanda Tumba - brewed on a Stove Top Mocha Pot or an Espresso Machine (17g > 50ml in 25s) 
  • 25ml of Tanqueray Seville Gin
  • 50ml of Fevertree Clementine Tonic
  • Finish with a twirl of orange zest!

Now all you need is some sunny weather and you’re living the dream! 

Enjoying your ‘Gin and Tumba’? Why not experiment with some alternative coffees, mixers and garnishes! Consult your coffee’s tasting notes for pointers on what flavours might compliment your creation!

Wanna experiment with another Dear Green roast, but need a hand picking out your accompaniments? Follow our socials or pop us a message and we’ll get right back to you with more summer sippin’ inspo!