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Summer Drinks Inspo! - Creative Cold Brew Recipes

  • 2 min read

With the sun beginning to show its face, we think it's definitely time to start thinking about summer, and with that our attention turns to cold brew. There's loads of different ways to make cold brew, some good, some...not so good, so we've done some experimenting at our roastery to create the perfect cold brew recipe, so you know how to nail incredible cold brew every time.  

For these recipes we used a bag of our delicious Rwanda Bumbogo which you can get here.

Ready to Drink Cold Brew

First up we'll cover the perfect 'ready to drink' cold brew recipe. This is super easy to produce at home and is perfect for sipping on a hot summers day. 

  1. Weigh out 80g of our Rwanda Bumbogo.
  2. Grind on a medium/coarse grind setting.
  3. Add 1 Litre of fresh water.
  4. Steep for 16 hours.
  5. Strain through a filter or alternatively use muslin cloth which can be re-used.
  6. Enjoy!


Cold Brew Concentrate

If you're looking for some fun flexibility in what you dilute your cold brew with, then creating a concentrate is the best option. Once made, you can dilute the concentrate with Water, Tonic, Milk, and of course ice, or get creative with some cold brew cocktails. 

  1. Weigh out 120g of our Rwanda Bumbogo
  2. Grind on a medium/coarse grind setting
  3. Add 1 Litre of fresh water
  4. Steep for 16 hours
  5. Strain through a filter or alternatively use Muslin cloth which can be re-used.
  6. Dilute & Enjoy!

Fun recipes to try with Cold Brew Concentrate

Looking to get creative? Give these awesome recipes a go!

Cold Brew Tonic

  1. Get your glass and add plenty of ice
  2. Add 2 parts cold brew concentrate to the glass
  3. Top up with 1 part Fever Tree tonic water
  4. Garnish with a twist of lime
  5. Sip & Enjoy!

Strawberry & Lime Cold Brew Cooler

  1. Pour 80ml of cold brew concentrate into a cocktail shaker
  2. Add 10ml fresh lime juice
  3. Add 1 muddled strawberry
  4. Add a couple of ice cubes
  5. Shake well
  6. Pour over ice 
  7. Top up with 50ml Fever Tree Mexican lime soda
  8. Boozy option: add a shot of white rum
  9. Garnish with strawberry
  10. Relax & Enjoy

There you have it! The perfect summer drinks inspo. Why not have a go at making your own cold brew creations? The possibilities are endless!

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