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Colombia - Yenni Esperanza - Thermal Shock

  • 2 min read

Coffee processing is no longer as simple as Washed & Natural. With experimental processes now at the forefront of farmers and baristas minds, it has never been a better time to start exploring some of these unique processing methods. 

Let's take a closer look at one of the most unique coffees we have been lucky enough to roast! The ‘thermal shock’ processed Colombia from Yenni Esperanza. 

Yenni Esperanza Bermudez, founding partner of Finca El Paraíso Villa Esperanza, was born in Bolívar, Cauca. She is the older sister of 4 brothers, who started a new life for themselves thanks to coffee. Finca El Paraiso Villa Esperanza was acquired in 2009 with the purpose of generating a family business, integrating new generations in to coffee farming. The farm extends over 27 Hectares in the Municipality of Tambo, Corregimiento de las Piedras, El Marquez, 28 km from the City of Popayan. In this area climatic characteristics are classified as warm and temperate, with an average temperature of 18°C. 

On the farm the coffee is grown under citrus and fruit trees, providing ideal shade to help the coffee cherries slowly ripen. Once picked, the coffee is then processed at Finca El Paraiso, a neighbouring farm run by the family, that is trusted in their ability to enhance the quality of the coffee.


To process this coffee, they utilise an experimental method called Thermal Shock. 

First, the coffee is picked at 95% maturity and then washed using ozonated water and ultraviolet light. The coffee then undergoes an anaerobic fermentation in a steel tank for 48 hours at 18°C, before being pulped, and then undergoing a further 48-hour anaerobic fermentation at 21°C.
Finally the coffee undergoes a heat shock to eliminate any micro-organisms and is then machine dried by air circulation for 12-28 hours at 34°C.

As you can imagine, this experimental process creates a cup profile that has to be tasted to be believed. Super complex, with notes of candy and tropical fruit, this coffee is as unique as they come.