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A coffee expert's guide to Sage Coffee Machines

  • 2 min read


Getting coffee right is so important to let you experience the wonderful flavours and quality a coffee bean has to offer. The most common way to experience this is by going to your local independent cafe and having a barista make you a delicious coffee, but more and more people want to have this experience in their own home. Enter, Sage*. 


Dear Green partnered up with Sage years ago when we saw what they had to offer in terms of machines for the home. We've always been impressed by their offering and customer service. Sage has a range of machines for different budgets while nailing everything that you need in a home machine set up. The machines are fully accessible 13 amp models, ready to plug straight in! No plumbing is required with manual fill boilers at the back, so installation and use is super easy.


For starters: the Barista Express Impress™️

The Barista Express Impress™️ is the newest addition to the Sage line up. It is an upgraded version of the much loved Barista Express™️ but with new added functionality that not only helps consistency in shots, but also intuitive features that know how much to dose out for your next shot.

It features a new tamping system which reads how much coffee has been dosed and gives a reading of a happy face when they perfect dosage has been reached. The tamper has also been upgraded so it is now built in to the machine giving accurate and consistent tamping between shots. This new feature also helps with keeping the drip tray and grinding chute clean and free from excess grounds.


For more experienced coffee drinkers: the Dual Boiler

For the more experienced home user, the Dual Boiler™️ is perfectly suited. With a boiler for shots with PID thermal stability temperature control and a separate steam boiler for heating milk. Dialling in the perfect espresso and extracting while texturising milk to exact temperatures is what this machine does best.

This also comes as part of the Dynamic Duo™️ with Sage offering a home grinder as part of the package with this incredible home machine


A simple, entry level option: The Bambino™️

Starting out on the home espresso journey, The Bambino™️ is a great entry level machine for great espresso extraction and a user friendly interface. Ready to go in 3 seconds, it features a hands-free steam wand for barista style milk to pour some latte art on a delicious espresso. Pair up with the Smart Grinder™️ Pro for freshly ground coffee and consistent and delicious brews at home.


So there you have it! Super user friendly, affordable and supplied by your friendly local caffeine dealer! Get in touch with us if you have any questions! We can't wait to tell you more!


*Please note: ​Dear Green may earn commission from affiliate links ​in this article. This means that if you click on a link for one of these machines and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no cost to you. Our recommendations are based on our experience of Sage machines and we recommend them because we genuinely believe they are amazing coffee machines to use at home!