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World of Coffee - Copenhagen 2024

  • 3 min read

We made the trip to World of Coffee in Copenhagen and it did not disappoint!

As one of the biggest coffee gatherings on the globe, the event attracts over 12000 visitors from 140 countries and is hosted by the Specialty Coffee Association.
We joined our coffee comrades from around the world to share, learn and connect and to collectively appreciate and celebrate this diverse world of coffee that we have all chosen to be in! Here are our highlights:

Coffee competitions

We attended the World Latte Art Championship, the World Coffee Roasting Championship and the World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship! Congratulations to all of the winners - Yi-Chen Xie of Taiwan, TaiYang Liu of China and Seung Chan Wi of South Korea!

New products
We discovered new products and innovations including, electric roasters, new sample roasting tech, grinder innovations in function and design and more and more roastery quality control toys than we might ever need!

Supply Chain Connections
We met the people in our coffee supply chain, coffee producers, exporters and importers. The beauty of attending this event is that we had the opportunity to reconnect with everyone in the same place! We loved meeting Patrick and Augustus who hosted us on our last trip to Brazil at Fazenda Pantano and Capadocia Farm in 2018.

Our newest coffee is the Mutambu from Burundi and we were lucky enough to meet Dan Brose whose washing station Migoti Coffee processes the coffee cherries and supplies us the raw beans. Brought to us by the great team at Omwani Coffee.










Atrie from Ethiopia who we welcomed to the Glasgow Coffee Festival earlier this year to host an Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony with The Coffee Legends. We visited Atrie's family business Daye Bensa last year in Sidama and are long term supporters and lovers of the great coffee produced here. One of which is the Odaco.









Martha from Coffee Bird welcomed us to do a takeover and brew our Dear Green beans on her stand with the help of pro brewers Mary and Bill. The coffees we presented included her families Bosques de San Francisco, a farm we visited way back in 2014!





Sustainability learnings

By joining Cropster for an industry focused discussion on 'Actionable Impact' with conversations around B Corp and sustainability we had the opportunity to expand our Benefit Corporation network and to learn from others in our industry. Thanks to Norbert Niederhauser (Cropster), Sara Morrocchi (Vuna), Alice Elliot (Junxion), Lars Frello (Clever Coffee) and Gilles Brunner (Algrano) for some great insights and thanks to Cropster for setting the standard for a cardboard stand at the exhibition! We are equally inspired as we are impressed!

Coffee insights

There were more cuppings and lectures than anyone could handle. We worked the room and managed to attend a presentation by Nick Mabey and Fabiana Caravelho on the merits of Canephora coffee and why we need to learn more about it!

Copenhagen connections
Of course we enjoyed some local coffee and hospitality and had some social time with an international coffee crew! Thanks to all of the party hosts! Including Sucafina, Algrano, Minor Figures, Kaffibrugghus and the legends at La Marzocco!

We’ll be back to experience even more coffee culture of Copenhagen! We wish we could have made it around more places but were happy to experience a roastery tour at Coffee Collective with Sovda and some visits around town with highlights being La Cabra and April!  

Expectations exceeded! To all of our coffee friends old and new, see you in Geneva 2025! 🤟


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