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New Year, New Coffee Resolution?

  • 5 min read

We are back roasting and we're planning more of the same this year! Why change our positive path?! We're keeping it real with a solid focus on roasting awesome coffees whilst leaving the least impact on our world! It's the easiest New Year's Resolution to make!

Our love of delicious coffee is supported by our environmental and social conscience making our outlook for 2023 simply to continue our journey of experiencing and sharing wonderful flavours from incredible coffee producers! Learning, growing, collaborating and inspiring as we go!

What is your New Year's Resolution? We have some suggestions for you!

1 - Drink 'Better' Coffee 

We can help you with that! What makes coffee better? From flavour profiles to sourcing practices we have you covered!

All of our coffees are fully traceable, we document this supply chain on each of our product listings along with full transparency on our sourcing, we've even gone to visit most of our suppliers and producers to ensure that we have first hand experience and information to base our purchasing decisions on and can authentically and honestly communicate this to you. Building trust right from the farmer to your cup!

We proudly roast coffees from approved suppliers. All of our partners agree to our Supplier Code of Conduct ensuring that when we have a working relationship we are locking in the importance of social and environmental accountability in a world that doesn't always prioritise this. Our B Corporation certification is testament to how seriously we take the trusted position we are in as custodians of specialty coffee.

Our coffees aren't simply picked from an importers list, although let's be fair, they once were and occasionally still have to be to meet a seasonal demand. We'll always check for traceability, full transparency and quality and never intentionally buy a commodity traded coffee. Most importantly we’ll always be well informed and honest. We're happy to talk about this elephant in the room of the coffee industry and we're super proud that we have long term relationships and purchasing history with Fazenda Pantano in Brazil, AMACA women's association in Colombia, Tumba Washing Station in Rwanda, Rama Dufatanemunda women’s empowerment group in Burundi and Daye Bensa Cooperative in Ethiopia. All of which we have visited during the course of our 11 years of roasting.

So what about better flavour quality? You're in luck! We only roast coffee which is 'specialty grade', we ensure our coffees are in season and most of all that they are freshly and skillfully roasted and leave our roastery meeting our quality control standards. We look for intensities of natural sweetness and acidity as well as body and balance of complex flavour notes in every coffee. We have a team of coffee experts on hand, including our Q Grader. Our team have years of roasting, cupping and brewing experience to inform our decisions and to share with you! Have a brewing question for us? Shoot us a message, we're always happy to help!

Better coffee in 2023? With ethics and flavour quality leading the way, we think we've nailed it! Check out our seasonally changing coffee beans including single origins & blends.


 2 - Get more from your Coffee Budget!

Feeling the pinch? Let's face it, we all are! We've watched the prices of our raw product increase by up to 30% in the last 6 months alone. Devastatingly this price increase rarely goes back to the producer as it gets absorbed by increasing costs along our short supply chain or simply through currency exchange from USD to our weak GBP. 

But hey, it’s a new year, let’s look at the positives! We work with an incredible product and in a brilliant industry and we want to showcase the best coffees whilst giving back to the producers we work with!  

So to help you get the most bang for your coffee buck we propose you sign up to a hassle free coffee subscription. For just a small fee per month you receive coffees which would cost more if you were to buy individually - we reward your royalty, plus we take the hit for the postage! It's a huge saving and a pretty sweet deal! Coffee arrives on your doorstep regularly without you having to order it. One less task in your life admin and one more bag of coffee to experience before your last one runs out!

Are you brewing at least one coffee per day at home? We calculate that you'll need 250g of coffee per fortnight! Two per day? Then order 1kg monthly. Book in your Coffee Forever subscription, we'll do the rest! Choose your coffee subscription to arrive weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Beans or ground. Espresso or filter. Blend or Single Origin. Africa or Latin America, or let us choose for you! Login to adjust or pause. It's all pretty easy!

Subscribe and save! All you have to do is boil your kettle! 

3 - Get grinding! Invest in a coffee grinder and grind freshly for every cup!

Freshly ground coffee is tastier coffee. It's a fact! Brewing your coffee immediately after grinding leaves no time for oxygen to interfere, to dry out the coffee particles, to oxidise them, making your coffee taste bitter with a much lower overall flavour potential.

What's more, grinding your coffee is part of the overall experience of preparing your brew. The process, the fresh aromas, that moment of time where you can switch off, refresh your mind and enjoy the ritual. Is wellbeing and mindfulness on your resolution list too?

Not only does grinding your coffee freshly allow you to extend your coffee’s shelf life. Make savings by ordering 1kg of beans monthly instead of 250g of ground coffee weekly! You’ll notice both flavour and financial improvements to your life!

Start off with a hand grinder or go straight for electric. Check out our full range of coffee grinders.


4 - Ditch Single Use Products

From paper cups to coffee packaging, our industry is no stranger to this consumerist world and the all too common greenwashing statements. At Dear Green, we’re not perfect but we’re always doing our best and are progressively getting better. Adopting changes to your daily habits can have a great impact and will encourage those around you to do the same. Join the reuse revolution and banish single use for good!

Investing in a reusable cup will save 365 cups from landfill per year, assuming you drink at least one cup per day. Not only that but you’ll feel pretty smug and probably get a discount in the coffee shops you frequent, amounting to around £110 per year. It’s a no brainer! With their mantra ‘why waste today’ KeepCup, the pioneers of reusable cups have launched a thermal and a versatile ‘Helix’ range too. Take a look and start the year as you mean to go on!

Saving aren't just made on coffee cups. Investing in a reusable filter disc for aeropress or filter cone for a V60 pour over filter coffee will mean you'll never run out of coffee again!

If you're local to us, you can also swing by our roastery with your refillable container to stock up on beans. Eliminating coffee packaging from your life forever! Now there's a New Years Resolution to be proud of! Incentivise yourself by investing in this vacuum seal Atmos Coffee Canister.

Check out the reusables section.

Our top tips for achievable New Year's Coffee Resolutions. Making 2023 your best brewing year yet! Coffee resolutions and revelations! 

Keep it real - use less, grind more, drink ‘better’ coffee! Happy New Year!